Scream at the Relax Bar

So Pete & Franz, the Stahl Brothers, have earned their place in the annals of rock history.  Both started out in SCREAM, the legendary hardcore band from D.C. that had a thing for speed metal and was responsible for both Dischord's first full-length album and Dave Grohl dropping out of high school.  When Scream broke up in 1990, Pete went on to sing with WOOL and GOATSNAKE, and appeared on records with QOTSA, SUNN O))), EARTHLINGS?, and CHINGALERA.  Franz played with WOOL, FOO FIGHTERS and J.  Talk about nice resumes.  On Friday, the brothers will be back on stage (or maybe the floor) together at the Relax Bar along with our good pals IT'S CASUAL, RATS EYES and EMERALDS.  This will be the third time Seattle's EMERALDS have tried to play LA in the last few weeks so come out and show them a little love.  Their first two shows here were canceled by no fault of their own.  EMERALDS are friends and tourmates with one of my favorite bands from the Rain City, WILDILDLIFE, so with that connection and this review, I'm psyched to experience their live set and return with a bit of merch:

Musically, Emeralds touchstones include Hawkwind and Blue Cheer, but the Seattle sextet never ventures so far into the fuzzy psychedelic vortex that it obscures its hooks or muffles its raucousness. For example, “In These Days” reaches the eleven-minute mark (longer live, given that the recorded version’s fade ending translates as an ellipsis) without wasting time on obscure tangents. Sharp pace changes, dual-guitar harmonic solos and drum-roll eruptions keep these epic songs compelling throughout their durations. The Hammond organ’s churchy tones lend a sacred element, offering sanctuary to characters whose vices are killing them. Emeralds concerts also provide salvation, especially for those who didn’t know they – or rock shows – needed saving.

Tickets are a Fugzai-like $5 and the set times should go something like this: