Black Castle Record Swap

Every first Sunday of the month there's a pretty good record swap at Pasadena City College.  It's really good if you like classic rock, and the bootlegs can be pretty surprising.  That place deserves credit for supplying me with all my live Mercyful Fate and Roy Orbison.  The Black Castle is entering the market, and chances are the music selection will tend to be a bit more extreme.    

Here is the info for the swap that is to occur Sundays @ The Black Castle

There are currently (30) spaces open
each space for a booth is (7' x 5') (yes you may reserve 2 spaces or more.)
The Cost to reserve a booth is 20.00 a space (7x5)
(space inside the castle is limited and is first come first serve, the other spaces are in the rear outside, accesible from the inside of the castle
(You must bring your own booth/ table/setup)

Hours are from (12pm - 7pm)

What you can sell/bring:

-Records of all types (except r&b, hippity hop, gospel and other things of that nature)
-Anykind of videos,dvds etc.
-tattoo supplies, piercing equipment  (no live piercing or tattooing allowed!)
-clothing and accessories
-Musical instruments
-custom leatherwear
What not to bring/sell:


Day of opening will be announced.
sign up in person @ any one of the upcoming shows
or message here.