Porcupine Tree & Bigelf @ Club Nokia

We completely outsourced our duties on this show.  The good news is, as far as we know, all the outsourcees are American so we can say with pride that no unpaid jobs were lost to foreigners.  There's no need for any teabaggers to protest the site, though we would welcome that.  Back to the show.  First, we got one of the ticket winners (trontoland) to send us his post-coital thoughts:

The show was tops!  To me, having never seen PORCUPINE TREE and only heard some of their music I was prepared to see a good show, but not get blown away (like I did).  Steven Wilson is an excellent front man and reminded me of fellow Brit Steve Winwood in how he would switch playing multiple guitars and keyboards -all during the same song!  Hearing the new album, The Incident, played all the way through was very nice and one had to appreciate the quality of musicianship. One small complaint was some of the stop motion animation they played on the HD screens was very Tool like. Neat but unoriginal.

Second, we obtained our first ever photo pass on behalf of an aspiring rock photographer and overall nice kid, Ben Manzella of Motoghost Photography.  I say kid because he's not quite 18.  But his enthusiasm is infectious and, most importantly, he had fun:

What a truly amazing experience. BIGELF and PORCUPINE TREE took Los Angeles on a musical journey beyond measure last night. To start off the night with Bigelf's amazing prog-groove sound and then for it to end in a 2 set showing of Porcupine Tree. A first time for me with both groups, Bigelf was amazing and I was glad I finally saw them live. Porcupine Tree made me reflect as usual and were better then I could have asked for/wanted/ or expected. I hate to love the fact how many answers I find in music.

You can check him out at his MySpace site and see all of the pictures he posted from the show.  Here are a few we liked:


Ace (by Ben Manzella)Froth (by Ben Manzella)PORCUPINE TREE

Steve Wilson & Co. (by Ben Manzella)John Wesley (by Ben Manzella)