You Were Not Born Too Late

The last decade saw a rash of reunions.  Some were good ideas gone bad, and some should have never happened in the first place.  But there were a few exceptions, including last year's gift to all you doom freaks - the return of ST. VITUS at the 2009 Roadburn.  It was unclear if that show would just be a one-off.  And even if the band thought they could do more, would it actually happen?  The diehards that could pull it off refused to wait for that question to be answered and made the pilgrimage to Tilburg.  But then, in spite of Wino's ridiculous schedule, more shows happened.  First in Germany, then the east coast, and now our time has come.  And it's about time.  St. Vitus is a Los Angeles band, right?  Their first show with Wino in 1986 actually happened out in Palm Springs, and the whole set can be found on YouTube, including this performance of "Clear Windowpane", the only song they played that night off of Wino's recording premiere with the band, Born Too Late:    

Born Too Late was one of four ST. VITUS records on SST Records, a strange home at the time for a doom band.  But ST. VITUS found inspiration in BLACK FLAG, and Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn reciprocated that love.  The rest is metal history.  Now you can be a part of it by attending their show at the Ultra Violet on the eastside on Thursday, January 28th.  That venue is still making its name but there's no doubt its an upgrade over the Palm Springs community center that hosted the band nearly 25 years ago.  As for the lineup, what you see in that video is what you'll get, though slightly more weathered and with the notable exception that Henry Vasquez of BLOOD OF THE SUN has replaced orignal drummer Armando Acosta.  As for the undercard, it's pretty solid, and-barring unforeseen police action-will finally mark the first perfomance by ANCESTORS in their hometown since the release of last year's Of Sound Mind.

Click Poster for TixWe were able to score one pair of tix to giveaway.  It was a bit of a struggle, because this site is not so popular and the tix are not so cheap, and as a result we can't release them without some work on your part.  Here's the deal: we're holding a poster contest.  The creator of the best poster for the show wins the tix and we'll post it on the site giving you full credit.  If nobody makes something good enough to get published, nobody gets the tix.  Other creative promotional ideas will be considered but they'll need to be damn good.  All submissions must be emailed to by January 17th.  The winner will be announced on the 18th.  Make us proud.