Korpiklaani Ticket Giveaway

I admit I know more about the Finnish Olympic hockey team than about the Finnish folk metal scene, including KORPIKLAANI, who are headlining the Ultra Violet on Tuesday.  For example, after listening to a few tunes, I would say you could safely assume that a KORPIKLAANI show would be free of moshpit violence.  It turns out I would be wrong.  I also would fear the band would take itself too seriously.  Again, I'm way off:

www.dark-festivals.de:  Do you when you play your shows feel a difference between the German fans and the fans at home in Finland?

Jonne (vocals/guitars): This music is not so popular in Finland. This music is somehow too Finnish.

www.dark-festivals.de  It's too Finnish for Finland?

Jonne: Yeah, because in Finland it is kind of old people’s music with heavy metal guitars. (laughs)

Church of the 8th Day has given us a few pairs of tickets to giveaway so you can also be educated about the band the right way - live and in the flesh.  If you're already educated, don't fret - you're eligible too.  All entries must be submitted by Monday at noon here or by email to thecityofdevils@gmail.com.  The first two people to send us a short preview for the show will be guaranteed tickets.  All remining tickets will be distributed by time of entry.    

And if you're worried about the sound at the venue, Church of the 8th Day is aware of those concerns:

Next week is going to be a busy one for us as we have both the KORPAKLAANI, TYR, SWASHBUCKLE, WHITE WIZZARD, STATIUS, REIGN OF AVARICE show as well as the SAINT VITUS, SAVIOURS, TOTIMOSHI, ANCESTORS, CROWNED BY FIRE show. Both are happening at the Ultra Violet which is the same venue which we held the Heathenfest which unfortunately had problems with the sound. Since then we've remedied the issues with the sound at the UV and we've signed on with a top notch sound rental company who provided the sound gear at the EYEHATEGOD show that was also at the UV. We're asking that everyone come down and give this new club another chance as it's being ran by people who actually care about the scene, our music and our community as a whole instead of another corporate club lining their pockets with all of our hard earned money. all      

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