Video Sunday

Two videos from bands that don't have much in common other than that they both reside in the City of Devils.   Now WHITE WIZZARD's debut full-length on Earache is not due out in the States until March but BIG BUSINESS's record has been with us for a while (deservedly finding its way on to the BLOGRONAUT's Best of '09 list).  So why the wait?  I heard Lady GaGa last night complaining about how long it takes for videos to come out, and promising her fans that she is not going to stand for that shit anymore.  BIG BUSINESS (or at least Hydra Head), on the other hand, does its business by the rules:  

We realize that Big Business' most recent full-length, Mind the Drift, came out over half a year ago... So yeah, maybe we, the record label in question, should have put together a music video for the titular track around the time of the record's release... Because, or at least it seems this way to us, record labels and bands make music videos primarily to increase sales of a record and that is never more effective than around the time of the release date... Right? Probably... but if you ask us, this feels like the perfect time to re-light a fire under this record's ass... A practice otherwise known in the music industry as "re-pulling the trigger..." Also, it turns out these things cost a bunch of money to make, so we had to find someone who was willing to create a video on a virtually non-existent, well more like fully non-existent, budget... We located a sucker by the name of Wesley Belak-Berger ( Enjoy!