Who Wants Guaranteed Access?

The next chapter of the Scion Metal Show looks to be a good one.  SKELETONWITCH has visted us a few times in the recent past including an in-store at Vacation Vinyl and one of the final performances at Knitting Factory while touring last October support of Breathing the Fire.  I put them in the same league as SAVIOURS because they consistently deliver a high quality evening of metalworks.  But this is also our first shot to catch Boston's DOOMRIDERS since they put out of last year's gems, Darkness Come Alive, in the fall.  Opportunities to see them again will surely be limited because the band is a side project for Nate Newton, bassist for CONVERGE (who will be back in town soon to do a show with the people of FYF Fest), providing him a vehicle to exercise his considerable vocal/guitar/songwriting skills in a different style now that OLD MAN GLOOM is indefinitely on hiatus.       

If you are concerned that this free show may prove too attractive, head on over to Vacation ASAP because they are gathering a list of a limited number of people that will be guaranteed admission into the show.  No purchase is required but you should suffer way more than normal if you walk out of there emptyhanded.  The rest of you can RSVP by clicking on the poster below.   

Click Poster to RSVP