Scream II (Way Better Than The Movie)

I can't bullshit you.  I did not listen to DC's SCREAM in their heyday.  I'm pretty sure I had never heard of them until they had broke up and their drummer, some guy named Dave Grohl, joined Nirvana.  But that connection wasn't enough for me to check out their discography.  In the pre-Internet days as a college student, it was hard enough to keep up with all the current music. SCREAM's frontman Pete Stahl turned up on my sonar in around 1998 when he joined with Greg Anderson to form GOATSNAKE.  He also planted some roots in the California desert, first as a member of Dave Catching's (of QOTSA/EODM fame) earthlings? and also by collaborating with Josh Homme and others on the Desert Sessions Vols. 1-4.  But I never saw Pete perform until last year when he and his brother, Franz, headlined the Relax Bar as the "Stahl Bros.", a show I went to because of Seattle's EMERALDS but walked away from thinking about SCREAM.  They made that lovable shithole their home.  And it didn't hurt that Clint Walsh was on guitar, a guy I had met 15 years ago in NYC and had randomly run into once or twice since.  It truly felt like a small world that evening, in the very best possible sense.  Fast forward to earlier this month, when I received an email from Pete himself asking me to share with you that his original band would be performing once again under their name at the intimate Redwood Bar in downtown LA, playing a mix of old and new songs.  You've got to love a guy that has been around since the early 80s, seemingly unjaded that he's not rolling around in Grohl money, and still willing to embody the DIY ethos by reaching out to a small-time local metal blog.  Eddie Solis's IT'S CASUAL opens up the evening at 8:30 pm.  And Pete will be performing with GOATSNAKE on Saturday October 30th along with PELICAN and NAILS at the Troubadour.  Tix are still available.