Lantvrn Record Release

We like all kinds of music but our focus here generally stays true to the mission of this site.  There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and we will occasionally use one up on a local band that may be a bit afield yet remains sorely neglected by the multitude of music blogs this city has to offer.  LANTVRN qualifies for such an exception.  It doesn't hurt that the leader of this group, Camerin Kelly, is a supporter of metal, an artist who routinely employs inverted crosses, and an unexpectedly likeable person.  Why unexpected?  Because I stereotype.  A tall, lanky frontman with goth/darkgaze leanings (not unlike Mazzy Star) is supposed to be a dick.  Not him.  LANTVRN is celebrating the release of their new EP, Not Enough Light, with a show Saturday night at an Echo Park venue we've never been to:  Mime School (aka Silver Echo Gallery @ 1840 Glendale Blvd.).  They'll have CDs (also available at Amoeba) and a limited supply of cassette tapes for sale at the show.