Russian Circles & Keehaul Triumphantly Return to LA

Saturday night's show at Spaceland will be largely an instrumental affair.  That shouldn't scare you off.  In the heavy world, vocals are far from essential, and frequently are an obvious afterthought.  But if your band is technically unsound, a singer can play an important role: the distractor.  For midwest bands RUSSIAN CIRCLES and KEELHAUL, that's not a concern.  Both are tight machines.  RUSSIAN CIRCLES relies on looping pedals (but no click track!) to create layers of guitar that make it sound like there's a lot more than three people on stage.  In the case of KEELHAUL, the machine is orchestrated by drummer Will Scharf, who leads the bands through a series of complex rhythmic changes that eschew typical song structures, leading some to unfortunately label the band as "math rock".  Unfortunate because that kind of music doesn't sound like much fun, as if you might get tested when their set comes to a close.  I don't think that will happen.  But with this being KEELHAUL's first U.S. tour in 100 years (according to their label), you never know.  So do your homework and stream their most recent record, the aptly-titled Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity, or watch this video from a NYC performance earlier this month.     
If you want to be considered for a pair of free tix to the show, hit us up by Friday noon with your full name by contacting us here or emailing  Tickets can be purchased here.