Rock Monday With Rusty Eye and Crowned By Fire

This week leading up to Halloween offers some pretty tasty options beginning tonight with 1349/TRIPTYKON/YAKUZA at the El Rey and culminating Saturday with PELICAN/GOATSNAKE/NAILS at the Troubadour and HUNTRESS/EXHAUSTED PRAYER/DREAMING DEAD/EXECUTION PROTOCOL for free at Three Clubs.  Tomorrow night Rock Mondays brings some quality metal, leading off at 10 PM with open bar and free admission (print this flyer) for RUSTY EYE.  Stick around for doomsters CROWNED BY FIRE.   

Rusty Eye at 10:15
Gunt at 11
Crowned by Fire at 11:45
Sexual Harassment 12:30
Adult Gifts, Hosted by Joanna Angel
$200 costume prize

And here's some bonus footage of RUSTY EYE drummer Miss Randall sharing her thoughts on noise music in a podcast in support of Larry Tressel's Iconoclast, a documentary on Boyd Rice.