All Hallows Eve

Tee Pee is a label run by one guy out of New York with a roster that is loaded with bands from the left coast.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know we like quite a few of them.  In fact, we strongly endorse every Tee Pee band playing at this week's All Hallows Eve, two nights of heaviness presented by the label and Spaceland, the venue hosting this good time.  But in a refreshingly "Stay Classy" move, the headliners for both nights are on LA-based labels, Southern Lord and Hydra Head.  That's the kind of community spirit that inspires us to keep blogging away.    

And don't forget about the costumes.  Thursday night is not really a contest because everyone that participates is a winner.  You come dressed in Night of the Living Deadish attire, you get a discount.  The real competition is on Friday, when the winner of the Best Misfit, Lemmy or Alice Cooper contest will win a pair of passes to all four MELVINS shows that will go down in January.  If seeing that band in the intimacy of Spaceland is alone not enough turn you on, daydream about the guest performers that will join them each week.  Now are you good? 

Speaking of contests, we've got our own.  Three pairs of tickets are on the line for both Thursday and Friday nights.  To be in the running, enter by tomorrow at noon with your full name and preferred night by contacting us here or emailing