Dreaming Dead Presents "Overlord"

Local bands DREAMING DEAD and EXHAUSTED PRAYER have been traveling up and down the west coast together over the last couple of weeks, and their tour culminates Saturday night with a free show at THREE CLUBS that will be headlined by HUNTRESS and opened by EXECUTION PROTOCOL.  DREAMING DEAD have released a video for "Overlord" from their forthcoming album Midnightmares.  Lensed by Shawn "Shootie HG" McPherson, edited by Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, and recorded at Architeuthis Sound with Sean Vahle.  Further proof that Elizabeth Schall is one of the best all around musicians in metal, and certainly among women.  That might be a more useful and honorable contest to run than Revolver's "Hottest Chicks in Metal", but I digress.