A Reading From The Book Of Eugene

We've had a Eugene Robinson performance at the Mountain Bar next Tuesday listed on our calendar for a while and because we take seriously our duty to inform, we must make sure it is known that this is not a musical performance.  This is a book reading.  But whenever Eugene Robinson is the voice behind the words, rest assured that this will not be your grandmother's literary event.    

Picture an OXBOW show with subtitles, a Spalding Gray set piece without the suicide, or a West Side Story with a lot more criminal sexual activity, and you might come close to what Robinson can do with one chair, one mic and a bottle of decent red wine. Characters come alive and with secret invitations to musical friends and fellow travelers in each town to join in, each show is a hard-ass ramble into the heart of a hard-boiled book non pareil.

Occasionally followed with an author's Q&A in which Robinson promises to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So help him God.

Don't miss it.