Roll On Thursday

A rare OVRCAST-presented mid-week show tomorrow at Three Clubs.  As always it's free, and the local openers are solid.  THE ROLLER, who hail from the great city of Austin, TX, are touring in support of their new record, Wasted Heritage, four songs and 39 minutes of southern overfried sludge.  As told by The Obelisk:

My chief comparison point for The Roller’s 2008 self-titled debut on Monofonus Press was Sourvein, and the same holds true for Wasted Heritage, but The Roller sound even meaner here, more grim, more foreboding, with an atmosphere that has more in common with Darkthrone than Eyehategod. The album is structured meticulously and with vinyl in mind: two longer tracks sandwiching two shorter ones, so that the opener and closer are over 10 minutes apiece and the middle two under seven. Still, it’s the sound that seems most thought out.  Wasted Heritage was recorded by Bryan Richie (The Sword), and the guitars of Theron Rhoten sound positively filthy, cutting a jagged buzzsaw through opener “Candle Black” and managing even to dirty up the atmospheric beginning of 14-minute closer “White Wing.”