So Many Options, So Little Time

After a few days with family, my guess is there's quite a few of you who are ready to rage.  I'm pleased to inform you that tomorrow night offers a solid and wide-ranging menu of metal.  The Norwegians invade Pomona.  Small Stone Records rocks Glendale.  And a so-called "grindcore supergroup" (who ever thought those terms would be used together?) will be laying waste to Hollywood.  You can still stream MURDER CONSTRUCT's new self-titled EP here, order it from Relapse here, and celebrate its release with a rare live show for free at Three Clubs.  It says a lot that the comments on MetalSucks, which usually reads like a schoolgirl message board, are shockingly consistent in their praise for this record.

Those of you looking for something less extreme are advised to head over to LaBrie's in Glendale for SASQUATCH, RIDE THE SUN and LO-PAN.  We haven't been over to that venue since it was know as The Scene, but we're big fans of SASQUATCH and this write up on LO-PAN convinces us they found the right home:

Lo-Pan formed in 2005.  The band is based in Columbus, OH and recently signed to Small Stone Records.  Press praises the band's efforts to date.  Hellride music enthuses "…vast, psychedelic texturing, a powerhouse tone in all instruments and a gripping crooner…" notes "It's refreshing to hear a rock band that balances a harder edge with some classic, soaring vocals." Columbus Alive warns "Lo-Pan doesn't use quite as many amps anymore, but it would still be wise to wear earplugs [to their shows]." Nashville Scene sums it up stating "Lo-Pan place greater emphasis on the classic rock influence, eschewing the harsher vocals of many of their contemporaries for a sound more akin to Josh Homme's Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age canon."