There's a couple of new internet radio outlets that have caught our ear lately.  Both are being run out of the City of Devils.  You've got EARBITS, which launched this summer and offers listeners a variety of stations that are organized by genre.  The closest to metal is the "Hard Rock" station, and although they have some true heaviness from the likes of the roster of Small Stone Records, the founders are metal fans and are looking for more.  There are no DJs or commercials, and the music is all hand selected with an emphasis on emerging bands.  If you are in a band and want to submit your music, go here.   

The other outlet is MOHEAK, launched in April with this mission statement:

Hi, I’m TK. I did the afternoon show on Indie 103.1. The radio station was on the air in Los Angeles for 5 years. It died on January 15, 2009. I am very proud and lucky to have been a part of it.

My philosophy with radio is simple, have fun, entertain, play good music. The first days of 2010 we had an idea to bring that concept back. moheak radio on This is just the start. We are coming up with new ideas daily. It’s the internet, you can do anything.

Reach out with any thoughts on music, programming, shows, etc. (really). This website isn’t mine, it’s ours.

Let’s party

The site was founded by a DJ, so it's not surprising that there's a a smattering of DJ-run shows on the calendar, including Death Wish, two hours of pure metal (that we believe will start up this week) featuring two members of HUNTRESS:

Take a listen and let us know hat you think.