Some Deets on the Melvins Residency

Even with all the Spaceland/Satellite confusion, the MELVINS shows are still on for every Friday in January at the venue located at 1717 Silverlake Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027.  This info came straight from the band's management and is a bit cryptic.  But the way we read it, each night the band will play at least one album straight through after a separate set of songs pulled from other sources.  Could be covers, could be MELVINS originals.  It looks like the first night will satisfy you noise freaks.  "Melvins 1983" probably refers to the first recordings when the band was basically straight-up hardcore.  And we're particularly intrigued by the "Melvins Lite" set on night three.  Don't know if that refers to a set with just Buzzo/Dale, an acoustic set, or a collection of soft rock covers.  Also, we've received no word about any past members making an appearance.  Speculate away.    

First show (1/7):
Melvins set
(Colossus of Destiny)

Second show (1/14):
Melvins 1983
Melvins set

Third show (1/21):
Melvins Lite
Melvins set

Fourth show (1/28):
Melvins set
Stoner Witch