Buzzov-en at The Sex

There's few things we like better than Southern Fried Sludge. North Carolina's BUZZOV-EN, along with NoLa's EYEHATEGOD, are considered the pioneers of the sound, and SOURVEIN follwed to carry the torch for a while.  EYEHATEGOD's touring success over the last few years may have prompted this BUZZOV-EN reunion.  Recently announced performances at next year's Roadburn Festival and Maryland Deathfest confirmed the wisdom of that decision.  The current lineup Kirk Fisher, Dixie Dave Collins, Ramzi Ateyeh, and Sleepy Floyd, which in essence are the players on ...At A Loss, their last studio album released back in 1998.  Back in the day, BUZZOV-EN was notorious for the general insanity that was their live performance.  10+ years have probably seen the band mellow out somewhat, but anyone that has seen Dixie Dave pass through town with WEEDEATER knows all is not lost.  It will certainly not hurt the energy level that Tuesday's show will be only the second of their west coast run.

This show was originally set at the Ultraviolet in Glassell Park, but rumored permitting issues have forced this and the 12/21 AGALLOCH show to find new homes.  Promoters Church of the 8th Day have selected The Sex for this one, a new venue downtown that we have not yet experienced.  Given its proximity to a host of stripclubs, our guess is that the name has confused a few patrons.  We doubt "sexy" will be used to describe this performance.  The openers, all locals, are strong from top to bottom.  ANCESTORS will be debuting at least two new songs.  16 is fucking 16.   YIDHRA is the rare doom band from the City of Devils.  And DESTROYED IN SECONDS is an up and coming group of veterans of the underground, presenting their own take on the Swedish D-Beat sound.  

Our guess is that Church of the 8th Day is in deep on this one.  They've given you a great show on a Tuesday when there's nothing else to do.  Do you part and show up.

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