Forced to Rock

One of my favorite melodic death metal bands, ARSIS, will be taking over Hollywood tomorrow night. If you caught ARSIS at the free Scion show at the Roxy back in April, you already know these guys put on an awesome show as a support act. Unfortunately now they’re playing at the Whisky instead of at a venue that will actually do justice to their sound, but I’m just thankful to see them as the headliner.  They will also be playing their 13-minute-long masterpiece, A Diamond for Disease, which is not to be missed.

For whatever reason, ARSIS have managed to fly under the radar for about a decade now. Maybe it’s the lineup changes, or the fact that they don’t make the most accessible kind of music out there. But they bring to the table a great mix of haunting melodies, technicality and jaw-dropping musicianship. Berklee grad James Malone is arguably one of the most underrated guitarists and songwriters in all of metal. He handles the not-so-easy vocal duties while simultaneously making both hands dance all over the fretboard (he’s known for his legato tapping licks). Once you see him in action you’ll understand why Arsis stands out among the countless death metal bands that have rolled through LA this year.

In addition to being really talented, the guys in ARSIS are the types who are down to talk metal geekery over a beer (or some absinthe?). Come join in on the fun tomorrow night on the Strip, and if you have some good vibes lying around, send them all to the Whisky sound guy so he gets on his game.