The State Of The City Of Devils

Two years.  I started this with one objective: to share the show calendar that I used to compile for myself on paper.  It seemed like the modern way.  The site grew without much thought from there but not far enough to be really good.  I don't have the time or the talent to do it right.  You get humbled after meeting some of the writers in this town.   I'm not nearly as capable or comfortable translating music into words.  Invisible OrangesIllogical Contraption, and Cerebral Metalhead are all solid reads.  And J. Bennett (of Decibel + many more) sets the impossibly high standard.  But none of them focus in solely on the local scene, and Moshking remains incomplete.  So here we are.      

The competition is rising though.  Metal Assault has photos, audio interviews and show reviews, all the shit we've proved incapable of providing on a regular basis, and those guys spend an unhealthy amount of time on the Sunset Strip.  We're too old for that nonsense.  And while we look forward to being made irrelevant, we're not yet, and you all with just need to be satisfied with what we can do:  a calendar, show previews/flyers, ticket giveaways and the occasional musings of Professor Bunkum.

This is a time of celebration.  Not only for the virgin birth of the Saviour, but for the substance-fueled birth of this blog.  So we have claimed this Sunday's rare metal matinee show at the Echo as our own.  I'm not even sure the bands know that.  And the venue even gave it this catchy name:  "Yeah, City of Devils 2nd Anniversary/Holiday Party featuring CROM/IT'S CASUAL/GREEN AND WOOD/CACTUS PRICKS @ echo (early show)."  We're not sure what the "Yeah" signifies: enthusiasm, sarcasm or nothing at all?  Either way, it's going to be a fun as hell way to spend dusk.  So if you and a friend would like to attend the best holiday party of the season for absolutely nothing at all (actually, you should still bring some canned food for the hunger drive), send us your full name to or by contacting us here. The winners will be previously unknown to us.  Whether we remember you will largely depend on our mental state at the time but if you are a recent winner, it's probably best to have someone enter on your behalf.  Tickets can be purchased at the door for just $8 with a donation.

And as we begin new year, let's all hope for a "New Los Angeles," one in which a good kid like Daniel Dismal can put on a show of all of us one night and not need to worry about whether he'll have a home the next.  

Flyer by Farron Loathing - click it to purchase tickets