LS.D At The Blvd

It doesn't feel like a true 2nd Anniversary Party without LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH.  A true revelation this year.    A must-see live band.  And I'm one of those guys who belives black metal is generally best heard recorded.   So to make up for it I commissioned vocalist Farron Loathing to design the show flyer.  Consider their performance tomorrow night the pre-party.
One of the best Xmas presents that I'm giving myself is the vinyl version of The Extra Dimensional Wound.  Black metal is best suited to wax.  It needs the depths of the grooves.
The Extra Dimensional Wound, the second full-length from California black metal legion LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, will see its vinyl release via Canonical Hours Records. The wax version will be released on December 15th as a deluxe gatefold LP featuring two 200-gram discs with a 12-page booklet and expanded artwork in a limited edition of 500 copies.
And I would be remiss not to mention vocalist Farron Loathing's goods.  See #9 of Invisible Oranges' "Top 10 Metal Gifts".  Another gift to me is his Dreaming Dead shirt.  Another band that made my year.