KIck 2011 Off At The Blvd

One of our New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time at The Blvd.  Without realizing it, the center of the LA underground has moved to Boyle Heights.  Even Eddie Solis recently moved there.  Sure, the rooms at the Blvd could use some interior design work.  We're not talking a lot of money, or even any money.  Let people just desecrate the walls, CBGBs-style.  And a full bar would be nice.  Some of us can't get drunk off beer.  But all ages can find their way in, it's apparently properly permitted, and most importantly, it's a welcoming home to extreme music.   2011 begins there with the much-appreciated Locals Only! showcase presented by Ear/Splitters who are straight outta the OC, but still one of us.  Nothing better than a promoter they actually likes the music they charge you to hear.  10 bands can be a nightmare, but I'm betting these guys pull it off.  And all these bands should be seen. 

6:30-Wuss B
7:05-Polygraph S
7:40-Hurt Model B
8:15-The Chuck Dukowski Sextet S
9:25-The Shrine S
10:00-Pigeonwing B
10:35-Exhausted Prayer S
11:10-Toward Distant Suns B
11:45-Behold! The Monolith S

B=Bar Side
S=Stage Side