Here Comes The Waterworks

So it's been a few weeks since the news about Spaceland broke.  Now I know a lot of you don't give a shit about the place.  It's a home for fucking hipsters.  Parking sucks.  Always 21+.  But you're not seeing the big picture.  If you search for "Spaceland" on this blog, you will soon realize that the talent buyer, Shannon Cornett, was a friend of ours.  And between her and Damara Dikeou, we were able to give you guys a lot of tickets.  Not only did I have a clue that something was about to happen, I wanted the move.  The location had grown stale, and a new place could up the energy.  But the actual news was not good.  Instead of a promising new venue, we're getting a "dance-centric" space.  And Shannon and Damara lost their jobs.  It was a body blow.  I feel responsible in some way.      

That's it.  No more tears.  Shannon is staying on to see through the shows she had already booked.  And on Saturday, along with her, we present our final show of 2010 and possibly ever at Spaceland, featuring BIG BUSINESS/TOTIMOSHI and San Francisco's HOT FOG.  The venue is being renamed as The Satellite, the talent buyer of The Fold is taking over, and it is unknown if metal will be welcome there.  At least this will be a fun way end the run.  One of my favorite recordings over the last couple of years is the Criterion Edition of BIG BUSINESS's 2009 record Mind The Drift.  And it doesn't hurt that I can finally say I clued in the kids over at Illogical Contraption on some music.  That version is the best way to hear the album, but I don't know if you can pull that off more than once in a band's career.  Still, it was a great idea, well-executed and shows a side of the band that before you cold only grasp live.  And this was all before Scott Martin of CROM/400 Blows joined their ranks, a guy who brings his blend of slightly crazy to the mix.  So if Saturday night is the last night we ever present a show at the venue, at least we can say we went out having a good time.  And for all you naysayers that preferred it as a duo, I understand where you're coming from, but it's hard to keep a two-piece fresh beyond two records.  Give it a chance.

If you want to catch the show for free, we have three pairs to throw your way.  To enter, please send us your full name here or to  First come, first served.  The contest is open until we update this post to say it is not.  You can buy tickets here.