The Chick in White Zombie

Back in college, I gave La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 a lot of play.  It was a solid late night party record - heavy enough but didn't scare the girls away, which was important, because I couldn't afford to do that.  In fact, not only did it not scare them away, they actually liked it, and I always thought that could be attributed to the bass grooves of Ms. Sean Yseult.  Live, with the light show, her multi-colored curly long-ass hair and that endearing scowl she wore so well, I was a content young man.  Now, as you can read in this interview, she's back with a book that shares her experiences with the band and as one of the few women at the time in metal.  The book release party is tomorrow night at Three Clubs and she will be on hand to DJ along with drummer John Tempesta.         

WHITE ZOMBIE’S SEAN YSEULT To Host Metal Army Night on December 9 at Three Clubs in Hollywood!

One of metal’s first ladies, SEAN YSEULT recently released ‘I’m in the Band’ - a detailed account of her time in WHITE ZOMBIE, one of the biggest breakout metal sensations from the 90s. Now, in celebration of the book’s release, Sean has teamed with METAL ARMY AMERICA to host and guest DJ the next Metal Army night in Hollywood on December 9. The event will take place on Thursday, December 9 at Three Clubs and will feature both SEAN YSEULT and JOHN TEMPESTA (Exodus, Testament, White Zombie, Helmet, The Cult) as guest DJs.

METAL ARMY AMERICA will also be holding giveaways throughout the night featuring rare memorabilia from WHITE ZOMBIE (donated by Sean) along with merch, concert tickets and more from some of your favorite metal bands and labels.