Ancestors-Black Math Horseman-Intronaut Ticket Giveaway

A few months ago we came up with the idea of putting on a gig to celebrate the blog's first anniversary.  The plan was to have ANCESTORS and BLACK MATH HORSEMAN play the Echo.  We were going to pay the bands and give away lots of tickets.  Maybe it was too radical.  Let's just say it didn't work out.  We wanted those bands for a few reasons.  First, they both saw ANCESTORS' record release party get shut down by the cops back in October.  We we hoping to make up for that.  Second, if you've spent any time on this site, you know we're fans.  Neither band's music translates easily to an apt description, and both are developing sounds from their influences that have become uniquely their own.  The esteemed publication Terrorizer, responsible for about 100 reviews a month, called ANCESTORS' latest, Of Sound Mind, the "most authentically prog thing that'll come out this year."  In other words, the band is breaking all the rules the best.  The same waxy rag described BLACK MATH HORSEMAN's debut, Wyllt, as "alchemic psych-rock" or "ambient post-doom."  Now they're just making shit up.  Pitchfork even threw out a Zeppelin reference.  When reviewers struggle to write about a record but like it, you know there's something good to be heard.  

Life has a way of working out.  Soon after our plans were dashed--literally hours--we learned that the two bands were indeed going to play a show together.  Almost the one we wanted, but at Spaceland, the Echo's sister venue.  And we've got free tix to give to you.  Not as many as if it was our gig, but still damn good.  Then the show took a surprising turn for the better.  INTRONAUT was added to the bill.  Now our appetite for post-metal was sure to be fully satisified   We thought those guys were on a long-term recording hiatus after returning from their whirlwind tour of India.  But something is making them take a break from the studio.  If we were journalists, we'd just ask, but speculation is easier.  We're thinking it has something to do with Sera Timms, lead singer and bassist of BLACK MATH HORSEMAN.  She is the unifying force.  Not only did she direct the video for INTRONAUT's "Australopithecus", she also adds guest vocals on Of Sound Mind that take the track "The Trial" to an unexpected level.  So come expecting a collaboration or two and to hear INTRONAUT live debut three new songs.            

Even though this is not our show, and we typically don't mind a half-full room and a more accessible bar, we're pulling for a big turnout.  It's a rare evening when Spaceland gives a Friday night to three local underground bands.  Support your scene.  If you want free tix, contact us here or at  No contests this time.  First come, first served. 

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