C.O.D. Band of the Week - Execution Protocol

By Claudine LaRocca

Another New Year's Resolution can be checked off with the rebirth of our Band of the Week feature.  It didn't last long in 2009 but we hope to make it a permanent fixture on  the site.  The mission is simple:  to introduce you and us to local bands that are playing live gigs in the upcoming weeks.  Our first choice of 2010 is EXECUTION PROTOCOL, a band that mixes elements of black metal, death metal and progressive metal.  If that sounds like the basic formula for OPETH, you would be right, but EXECUTION PROTOCOL are no clones.  You can mix those genres togther and the permutations are endless.  EXECUTION PROTOCOL's music shows a maturity and focus we rarely see in an unsigned band (we admit some of their pictures might not live up to that standard, but they made us laugh).  From what we can tell using computer speakers, the production on their recorded material is rather outstanding.  It turns out there are not so new.  As detailed on their MySpace site, the individual members have been on the scene for a long time.  We sent some questions to  bassist/vocalist Nelson "Lethal Injektor" Miranda and guitarist/vocalist Christian "The Warden" La Rocca who did time in GETTO DEATH and PURGATORY's GATE.

We like what we hear on your MySpace site.  Where can we buy your music?

LI: Just at shows right now, we're in the process of getting everything available on-line and downloadable, and we'll have a shopping cart to buy the hard copy and shirts soon.

TW: We will be on iTunes soon, too.

We've never been good at making out lyrics, but yours are posing a particular challenge.  We assume the general theme is killing, but will you include lyric sheets with your releases?

LI: Not on this release, no. We just needed something tangible to generate some buzz for the band. It was a limited pressing, mainly for promo and label opportunities. Most of the lyrics are execution themed or were inspired by horror films. "Necrotizing Fasciitis" was inspired by the movie Cube Zero, I just changed the format to first person about being forcefully exposed to a virus and having ones flesh melt off the bone. "Dweller of the Twilight Void" is a title that comes from Lucio Fulci's City Of The Living Dead and tells of the coming zombie apocalypse and opening gateways to hell.  The Warden wrote the lyrics for "A Gun For One Hundred Graves". 

TW: "A Gun For One Hundred Graves" is the story of a man who returns to his homeland to find out that everyone he once knew has been murdered, and the vengeance that ensues. Lyrics will be available online once our website, ExecutionProtocol.com is launched. 

Do you have any recording/touring plans for 2010? 

TW: Most of the material has been written for what will eventually be our first full-length. Once we've gotten out and played some more shows, we'll definitely be entering the studio again. 

LI:  We're planning a mini-tour in August up to Washington and might begin the full-length recording after we return. We're in the process of testing the new material live. Two tracks that aren't on the E.P. have been really well received, so we're taking a step in the right direction.

You do a cover of KAFKA'S PATRIOTICA "Kant's Kategorical Imperative."  KP is a pretty obscure band.  Why did you choose to cover them?  

TW: The obscurity of KP is a primary reason why we covered them. Also, for those not familiar with their sound, KP was a stoner/doom metal band, so we wanted to do a kind-of death metal update of one of their songs.

Are you disappointed that California kills so few of its death row inmates?

LI: Kind of a slippery slope question; life imprisonment means less money out of my pocket, but these people don't deserve to be kept alive.  Not believing in hell doesn't help either, they die humanely and don't really get any kind of punishment. We need to bring back torture, or some of the more brutal styles of execution like scaphism, or necklacing.

If you were asked to select a last meal, what would it be?

LI: Leo's shredded beef burrito wet, and tons of their salsa. I'd hate to be the poor bastard to clean my body after my bowels released that unholy load.

TW:  You said load. As for a last meal, I would say lobster, because I'm horribly allergic and would probably die before they could go through with the execution.

What's your favorite venue to play in the Los Angeles area?

LI: Personally it was the Knitting Factory, it was the best place by far to see or play a show. I need to find a new favorite venue. I like the Blvd's set up a lot as well, so this upcoming show on the 19th [with WINTERTHRALL, LAKE OF BLOOD, DARK UNION and GATES OV LEVIATHAN] should be a blast. 

TW: You said blast. I, too, was a fan of the Knitting Factory, but look forward to the multiple executions that are going to take place at the Blvd on February 19th.