Party Time

So when Justin Maranga, who does double duty as guitarist for ANCESTORS and NIGHT HORSE, told me about this Saturday's event at Three Clubs, he said "it'll be more like a party than a show."  Maybe that's because it will be free admission with $2 Colt 45s.  But the truth is a NIGHT HORSE show is always a party.  A lot of the music we hype on this blog can be a bit dark, depressing, angry and introspective, all qualities that are not so conducive to a party atmosphere.  NIGHT HORSE's energy comes from another place and it permeates the room.  The band personifies what I thought LA was all about growing up in the sticks of northern New York.  No, not glam rock and big hair, but straight up rock 'n roll with a front man that knows how to play the part.  The kind of band you can bring almost any girl to and know she'll have a good time. 

NIGHT HORSE will be joined by RED OCTOPUS, which much to my surprise is thankfully not a Jefferson Starship cover band but the third member of the rising San Diego psych troika that also includes EARTHLESS and ASTRA.  San Francisco's HIGHTOWER has skater cred, complete with a Thrasher profile, and also plays mostly instrumental psych that I find pretty irresistible while still not taking itself too seriously.  Fuck, I listened to "I am the Wallride" three times today.  They will also be playing Sunday night with one of LA's finest doom/psych bands, GREEN & WOOD, at Two Headed Horse, another new Echo Park venue that I know too little about.