Shrinebuilder Poster & Ticket Giveaway

SHRINEBUILDER is a band that requires no introduction.   Born in the studio, grow up on the road.  It's the tale of many "supergroups"; SHRINEBUILDER just happens to be a supergroup comprised of members must people know nothing about.  But enough do.  Last time they were in town, they packed the Viper Room, playing two identical sets to make up for the fact that their respective schedules make rehearsing an unaffordable luxury.  This time around the two sets will be spread out over two days.  The venue wil be the Echo.  And both nights will be led off by A STORM OF LIGHT, the current project of Josh Graham, NEUROSIS's visual master and a founding member (now departed) of RED SPAROWES.

We have a special giveaway for these shows, in part because the folks that run the Echo have designated the City of Devils as an honorary presenter.  And it is an honor.  We have a total of three pairs of tickets for each night, and as the grand prize, one winner on both the 3rd and the 4th will receive the poster shown below on the night of the show.  Here are the rules.  There are two ways to be eligible to win the poster.  First, identify the "heavy metal" song that Mike Tyson enters the ring to before he demolishes Michael Spinks.  You can hear it here.  I can tell you the two most common guesses are wrong.  It is not off Time Machines by COIL (which I just tracked down on eBay and has become my latenight soundtrack of choice), or "Theme From a Clockwork Orange". 

If you don't want to take on that challenge, then the second way you to qualify for the poster contest is by sending us proof that you've promoted these shows in some fashion in three different ways, via social networking sites or otherwise.  Creativity is encouraged.  Those that want to just be considered for the tickets only need to send us their names.

To enter, contact us here or by email to and specify the night you want to attend.  It is OK to say either.  The contest closes on Friday, February 26th at noon Monday, March 1st at 5 pm.  Otherwise, click on the links to buy tickets for March 3rd or March 4th.  What I learned at the Viper Room is the experience of hearing the rhythm section of Crover and Cisneros is worth the price of admission alone.