Cannabis Corpse Smokes the Ultra Violet

CANNABIS CORPSE will be at the Ultra Violet tomorrow coming off a tour that took them across the pond to Europe.  Here's a take on their show last week in Brighton, U.K. from one self-proclaimed "pot-free no-metalhead":

Cannabis Corpse, from Richmond Virginia , is the bong-term vision of Municipal Waste bassist Phil Hall, his (drummer) brother Josh, and two other cohorts. They play straight ahead fast ‘n heavy Death ‘n Grind that satisfies the pumped up crowd… yeah - the ‘Corpse easily delivers. Given the bands name, you don’t need to be Einstein to work out that these boys dig their weed as much as their Grind, and arrive on stage informing us they are already under a heavy toxic fug. And the songs, yeah – they all seem to be related to their favourite pastime too… as I recall there was one about having a weed addicted pregnant girlfriend called Smoking for Two and another about sharing buds in a graveyard, and on and on it went…

 And a video to whet your appetite: