Better Know a Band: Green & Wood

Local psych doom outfit GREEN & WOOD is playing tomorrow night with a bunch of outstanding bands at the Two Headed Horse in Echo Park.  They just recently put out their debut LP on Cyclopean Records and it is available here for purchase.  I got mine a couple of weeks ago and it quickly found its way into the heavy rotation category.  I'm guessing they'll have some at the show tomorrow night too.  We sent the band a few questions to find out a little about their history and catch a glimpse of their future.  Guitarists Ethan and Magda kindly responded.

How did you guys find each other?

Magdalena and I (Ethan) met in Long Beach CA one stormy night in June at a fellow friend’s house. He was hosting a party in honor of the honor-less. The musical union thus followed in the basement of my Portland home and acquired members ubiquitous throughout the three years of our engagement.

Ethan plays drums and guitars on your just released self-titled debut - what's the plan for live shows?  Going Bob Log III style?

I  grew up on the drums. I've started to play guitar to give myself something to play along with so it follows that when I write for the guitar I write for the drums. Being unable to find a steady drummer at the time I decided to have a go at the record myself. For better or worse, there it is. We've since managed to find ourselves a drummer. So no, no Bob Logs, but maybe a few burning embers. 

How did you get hooked up with the relatively small metal label Cyclopean from Austin, TX?

We were on tour with the amazing Roller from Austin. We played a show at Red 7 and Jason from Iron Age came to the show. He liked the tunes so he hit us up and next thing we knew we had orange vinyl on the way!

We see you're going to Austin to play SXSW.  You looking forward to the madness?

Uhhhhhhhh FuckYeah!? 

Any other touring plans this year?

Always, maybe east coast, maybe no coast, we'll play where the gigs are.

We couldn't help but notice there are breasts on all sides of the gatefold LP but three different artists are responsible.  Was that a planned theme?

Who don't love titties? Anyway, yes, our buddies Freedom and Farron are amazing artists each to there own and we wanted a piece from each of them. And Magda just so happens to be a great photographer who happens to have friends kind enough to bear themselves for our musical (pl)measures. And lo the album is born.

Everyone likes breasts. I (Magda) shot the photo on the back cover of some friends in the yard and did a photo of the front cover, then Farron used that to draw out the final cover. its a banquet, after the song "Banquet of Jupiter at the Judgement of the Sun" and our other friend John Paul did the gatefold and drew out those nudes.