Saturday Night On The Northeast Side

It's been well documented on these pages that we've lost a few venues over the last year and attempts to start up new ones have been all too frequently met with insurmountable permitting and other legal issues.  But that hasn't stopped people from trying, and we pledge to do our part to get the word out.  A nice and convenient incubator for places to play is the northeast side as musicians and music lovers have been pushed out of western regions by the so-called real estate boom.  Shit has since blown up, making repatriation a viable option for some, but this is one transplant that is not going anywhere.

A couple weeks ago I was able to experience the Ultra Violet in Lincoln Heights and came away completely impressed.  Other than the beer (which could be some kind of Vietnamese import) and the otherwise generally limited beverage options (more permitting issues),  the venue delivers.  High ceilings, a high stage, a tiered level for the front of house, merch and a different perspective, and a sound system that has apparently come a long way since Church of the 8th Day put on its first show back in December.  I look forward to any and all shows there, but mostly WEEDEATER because they fucking destroy.  

This weekend's calendar introduces us to two new venues on the northeast side.  The first, Show Cave in Glassell Park, looks to have long term aspirations as a multimedia space in the vein of Synchronicity Space.  Saturday's event will bring us some NoCal psych featuring most prominently, MOON DUO, a new project by guitarist Ripley Johnson of WOODEN SHJIPS and keyboardist Sanae Yamada.  If you like repetition, Krautrock, drone, and/or hallucinogens, you should be pleased.   


Down the street in Highland Park, a whole different jam will be going on in a loft space above a medical marijuana dispensary across the street from The York.  If you come over from the Show Cave, it will sure to awake you from the trance and impede the come down.  Bring in Valentines Day with the balls out rock 'n roll of ANGUS KHAN and SONIC MEDUSA.  While we have worshipped at the feet of the former, the latter band is new to us, but they shouldn't be.  The lineup is a cast of veterans from some classic groups: Tom 5 (White Zombie,  Angel Rot), Steve Darrow (Rat Salad, Hollywood Rose ), Greg Rogers (Obsessed, Goatsnake ), and Scott Renner (Sourvein, Buzzoven).  The venue that is described as a " combo Live Music, Recording Studio, Art Gallery, Bar + Hang Out spot" and the cover will be no more than $5.