Pentagram Ticket Giveaway

This is happening much later than any of us expected.  But when you make a commitment on Facebook, you must keep it.  That's the new world order.  I'm still recovering from this evening's JUCIFER performance at Vacation Vinyl.  That woman likes to inflict pain.  And why aren't they on Southern Lord?  It's wrong for them to be with anyone else.  Be sure to catch their shows on Friday and Sunday night.  Back to why we're here.  We've got two individual tickets left to give away for next Saturday's show with PENTAGRAM.  It's a good one.  I'm flying back a night early from SXSW to catch it.  I missed last year's show at the House of Blues but the word is that Bobby Leibling is a bit out of his mind these days.  That's exactly the way he should be at this stage in life.  Anyhow else and we'd feel cheated.  So to win the tickets, you must share with us what you recall about the first time you heard PENTAGRAM.  It could be 100 words, it could be just one.  We might post some responses (no names, of course.)  To enter, contact us here or email   We will be accepting submissions until Monday at noon. 

We've also got a news flash from one of the openers, SONIC MEDUSAWe previewed one of their shows last month but missed it.  Now we can redeem ourselves.

SONIC MEDUSA is proud to announce they will be opening for the legendary PENTAGRAM on March 20 at ULTRA VIOLET in Los Angeles.  This is a doom metal event not to be missed....This will be the last gig for SONIC MEDUSA for a few months, as their drummer Greg Rogers is heading of to Holland to Re-Unite with his old band GOATSNAKE for a 1 time only concert , headlining  the Heavy Rock ROADBURN festival in April.  SONIC MEDUSA are also going into the studio this week to record with SCOTT REEDER ( Kyuss, Unida, Obsessed etc.) bassist & producer de luxe, at his So. Cal. desert studio.  Look for an upcoming SONIC MEDUSA release very soon.


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