New DJ Night

First off, a reminder that the PENTAGRAM free ticket contest is still open until noon.  We need good participation so that we can keep giving away tickets so please take a shot.  We will also have one for our 100th fan on Facebook - we're just two away now.  Email us at if you think that  is you.     

Second, we got word of a new DJ night over in Eagle Rock on Mondays.  This is not a pure metal night but the guy putting it on, Chris Ziegler, is the editor of LA Record and a supporter of this site, metal and all things music.   As he put it, the "idea is to play anything we want and have a ton of killer guest DJs come through. (wino actually came to the first 'unofficial' one but we couldn't get his laptop working right! a problem i am striving to fix...)."  Future guest DJs include ANCESTORS and THE ENTRANCE BAND, and even we received an invite to do our own set.  Here's a link to a "mix tape" that will give you a taste of this evening's spirit.