The Free Option

I'm at SXSW but am coming back a day early to catch all the action in LA on Saturday night.  and PENTAGON and FATSO JETSON (free tix still available) were already making for a tough decision.  Now there's a third totally solid option from OVRCAST, and as always, it's free.  GUNSLINGERS are French garage psych band that earned Julian Cope's coveted Album of the Month title back in August 2008 for their debut, No More Invention. In his words:

For this Gunslingers disc rages with references to Lucifer in much the same manner as our beloved Blue Öyster Cult chose to do throughout their career. Herein, Lucifer is not only invoked as the beautiful Keltic Godman we enlightened types have come to accept, but also as the still-evil Crosstian Opposer of all things good. And, contained in that mysterious netherworld doorway, the music of Gunslingers rages and rails against EVERYTHING (positive AND negative), one moment surging forth soul sparks of life upwards into the heavens, the next moment shifting direction furiously and drilling into the very crust of the earth with all the Gay Abandon of a MacAlpine’s earthmover. Pragmatic Motherfuckers these guys ain’t, children. They commence their debut LP with the two-minute-hate of ‘Into The Garage’ then jettison all reason by following it with the record’s longest piece, the apocalyptically Cunted (and Lucifer dedicated) genius of ‘Light Slinger Festival’. Thereafter, separating each successive song from the next is as futile as time-shifting back to the ‘70s and attempting to point out Billy Bremner’s shorts as they spun around in the Leeds United washing-machine. We’re talking Total White-Out, ladies’n’gentlemen; the kind of swirling snowblindness only Roald Amundsen’s South Pole Expedition could have imagined.

These guys will be joined at Three Clubs in Hollywood by SAVIOURS, who are coming down from Oakland to headline this show and to share their always satisfying hearty stew of metal riffs.  Word is that James Paul Luna from HOLY GRAIL will be joining in as a guest vocalist, and free beer and vodka will be available.  So there you have it.  Three great options and one of them wil cost you nothing.  No excuse not so see you out on Saturday night.