And the Winner is...

We received some excellent submissions for the WEEDEATER contest that we feel obligated to share.  These people took the time to open up and dig deep.  We can't horde this shit.  Up first, the preview we failed to write: 

The bands I'd love to see are the ones I haven't seen:  BLACK TUSK, GATES OF SLUMBER, and STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

I have been listenin to BLACK TUSK for years and F:ixed in the Ice" is one of my favorite songs by them...its soo fast soo raw and heavy as shit! Never had I heard of Black Tusk coming to LA and dont wanna miss my first chance on seeing them.  Their tone is crushing and heavy that its nothing like I've ever heard in my life.
GATES OF SLUMBER are a band that bring back the heavy sound of Sabbath and Pentagram but add their own mix to it and still give it that old school tone that everyone loves. I'd love to see them and see how muhc heavier it is live and jus to flat out see that fucking great band.
STRUCK BY LIGHTNING having ex members of Mouth of the Architect...alone jus sounds awesome. Mouth of the Architect being a great band as it this really opened my eyes and i got their CD Serpents which blew my fucking mind!!! The energy of the album just made me lose my mind..I hadnt heard anything like this and I totally dug it. This band deserves its recognition and glad they are on the WEEDEATER tour for me to see since I didnt see them last time here in LA.
Now that's enthusiasm.  This next one comes with a warning.  We cannot condone experimenting with edible forms of medical marijuana when you expect to operate an automobile.  Automobile?  Yes, and that applies to any moving vehicle.  Just stay home.  But this story at least turns out well, and we believe ever word, especially the part about him being a better driver than most even while losing his mind Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style:  
Sorry, but i am definitely the most experienced weed eater in LA.  After years of smoking it I am left with chronic lung pains.  It may be pluracy, or muscle spasms, or... who knows?  The 3 doctors I have visited don't.  All I do know is that smoking weed makes it worse so i am left with 1 option, weed eating.  Now I weed eat every day, make my own treats, and brew my own weed tincture.  Tincture is my favorite.  You just soak weed for a month or two in the strongest alcohol you can find.    First time i brewed this I just stuffed a jar full of my decent home grown, filled it up with everclear and waited a month.  A whole shot glass was poured when i decided to try it.  Looking at it I decided that this could be too much.  I poured half of it back in the jar, took the 1/2 shot, and split for my girlfriends pad.  Of course I hit traffic the moment the tincture hits me.  I drive high all the time, and I usually see no problem with that, but but I have never been this high.  I barely made it off the 110.  And this is the windy ass north end of the 110 around Highland Park.  Usually my favorite freeway, but not this day.   All paranoid I ended up taking weird side streets all the way from Cypress Park to a neighborhood near the Hollywood Bowl.  Even though I was baked out of my mind, i still cruzed it smoother than most of these oblivious retard drivers in LA.  I finally get there and my girlfriend makes fun of me all night for acting like such a baked ass.  Luckily I hd some pretty tripped out rad sex.  Since then I have learned that all I need is 2 maybe 3 eyedroppers full of my tincture to feel good.  That night I had about 30.
That was fun.  And we have good news.  There are now two more tickets to give away to Friday night's show.  Just contact us.  First come, first served.  Assume they are available untli we say otherwise.  See you all tomorrow night at DEAD MEADOW