Radio Moscow Ticket Giveaway

RADIO MOSCOW and MONDO DRAG both hail from Iowa.  One of the bands has moved to California.  The other sounds like it's already here.  The transplants will be at Spaceland Thursday night, April Fool's s Day, for a show we're presenting along with Tee Pee bands ASSEMBLE HEAD IN SUNBURST SOUND and NAAMRADIO MOSCOW is a power trio that draws frequent comparisons to Hendrix and Cream, and I can't say that is offbase.  You close your eyes, and it's like a hot tub time machine has taken you back to the time when the guitar gods were first recognized.  The band is the brainchild of Parker Griggs, who plays guitar and drums on the recordings.  There's no denying this kid can play.  I call him a kid because he's only is his early 20s, and that should mean his best years as a musician lie ahead.  He has his influences down; now we sit back and wait for spmething special to happen.  Griggs did his first record with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, which is a mixed blessing.  Nice to get an endorsement from a guy like that, but the pressure to be successful with him may lead one--especially a young guy--to take less risks.  We like risks.  And that's why we're excited RADIO MOSCOW has found its way to California, allowing them more opportunites to hear and associate with pioneering bands like EARTHLESS that can educate and inspire Griggs in new directions.    

AHISS is one voice, along with others from the likes of CITAY and SLEEPY SUN, that are forming a Northern California psychedelic sound heavily dosed with classic rock riffs and twangs which is all connected, oddly enough, through Tim Green of THE FUCKING CHAMPS.  Brooklyn's NAAM is making its first LA appearance (we may be wrong), and Cerebral Metalhead is a fan

We've been waiting for this one to happen.  If you want to join us for free, just contact us as always by emailing   We will randomly select three winners from the submissions we receive by Wednesday at noon.  All winners will be notified that afternoon.  Tix are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Radio Moscow in Peyriere, France (2010) - click pic to buy tix