A L.A. Heavy Metal Photo Blog

We've struggled to find a steady source of photographs for this site.  In the digital age, people naively believe that anyone can be a photographer.  Not true.  That's like saying with the advent of ProTools, anybody can be a musician.  All it means is there's a lot more shit for the rest of us to sift through.  Photography is, and will always be, an art form, and there's a whole lot of talent and practice required to take memorable live shots, let alone the right equipment.  It may never be the same as it was in the days of film, when guys like Edward Colver braved the punk pits to take shots they had no clue were any good until days after.  At least now, the photographer gets some instant gratification.  That's our age.

We just became aware of a photo blog run by Adam L. Murray that is documenting many of the shows we attend.  We plan to post a photo of his from time to time not only because it makes our site look better, but more importantly, to encourage you to go to his to check everything he has done.  He was at last week's DEAD MEADOW/DIOS/LANTVRN show and took some beautiful shots. If you spend some time with his archives, you'll realize he's been at a lot more shows you either attended, or wish you did.  Enjoy. 

By Adam L. Murray (http://thetribalranger.blogspot.com/)