Better Know a Band: Moab

On Saturday night, we're co-presenting a free show at Mountain Bar with Ovrcast Productions.  The lineup is heavy and diverse: ANCESTORS, MOAB, TRUE WIDOW (from Texas), KILL KILL KILL and CACTUS PRICKS.  Martin at Ovrcast deserves all the credit for curating the show, and when we heard who was playing, we begged to be a part of it.  Just a few dollars later, he obliged.  First time we saw MOAB, they were opening UFOMAMMUT's first ever US show at the Nomad Art Compound.  That was a nice introduction. To prepare for Saturday's show, we sent some questions over to MOAB's guitarist/singer Andrew Giacumakis.  

You have anything special planned for us on Saturday night?

T-shirts with artwork by Tom Denney. We plan to debut a new song at the end of the set, but there's some other newbies too that we've only played once before.

Does the band have any recording plans for 2010?

We're in the process of recording a home spun will be our debut. It's about 3/4s done. Whether it gets released as is or it's used as a blueprint for a studio record remains to be seen...we're into it as it is though...hopefully we can get a label to jump onboard.

When we saw you last, you were playing at Les Deux with PROFESSOR while a bunch of porn stars milled about - what did you think of that scene? 

It was cool. Different scene for us to play at...we're used to playing for metal heads.

You say your influences are "old metal" - how old are we talking?

Pretty standard stuff - Sabbath/Pentagram/Budgie/Zeppelin. I think of Zeppelin as a metal band. I was heavily into the thrash scene as a kid too, the big 4 etc...The other guys might have a more hip answer but that's all I got right now.

Are you looking forward to the PENTAGRAM show at Ultra Violet in a few weeks (note:  we will have free tickets to giveaway soon)?

Didn't even know about it, now I do. We have a recorded cover of "Forever my Queen". Maybe someday it will see the light of day.

We noticed you guys are fans of Minnesota's ZEBULON PIKE.  Their latest record has a permanent home in our car's CD player and is the answer for those that have questioned PELICAN's recent direction.  How did you find them? 

Our drummer is a music freak, he knows about every new thing that comes out. For a while he was my only source of new music. I haven't heard their latest record, I'll have to check it out.