Grandma, Welcome Home

Time for that part of the program when we spew forth the news from Los Angeles bands and labels:

  • The CHELSEA GIRLS' lead vocalist Tuesdae tells AOL about  how she formed HUNTRESS with the boys from PROFESSOR and that she can't live without KING DIAMOND's Them.  After saying that, we might not be able to live without her.  Catch the first HUNTRESS show April 5th at Les Deux.
  • It turns out tonight's headliner at the Mountain Bar, ANCESTORS, isn't the only band brave enough to challenge the ADD-riddled masses of our fair city with 15+ minute songs.  THE FREQUENCY has one that has caught the ears of the UK's New Music Express, and you can go to their site to download that tune and two others.  Check out these "relatively unknown LA psychedelic beatniks" (NME's words, not ours) live when they headline a free show at The Echo on March 22nd.
  • If the idea of buying a demo strikes you as wrong, maybe winning one through a contest will let you sleep at night.  And there's no better creator of lullabye music than XASTHUR.  Share your misery with Chronic Youth by next Friday to be eligible to win the 2005 Demo.   
  • Things must be going well over at Hydra Head because they're also sharing a new track on Music Sucks called "The Theatre Goer" from DAUGHTERS' new album that will be released Tuesday.  We hear the band is in a state of disarray which makes sense if you have ever seen them live. 
  • Southern Lord introduced the newest member of its family, THE SECRET.  Greg Anderson had this to say about the Italians:  "These days it's extremely rare that we receive a demo submission that blows us away. This was the case with the demo THE SECRET had sent us. Their sound is relentless, uncompromising and extremely lethal. Anti-melody, pro-cacophony!"  The band will soon enter Godcity Studio in Salem, MA in April with producer Kurt Ballou to record their label debut Solve et Coagula.  And if you're a CD buyer, SOUTHERN LORD is running a sale that reduces prices for that format to $10 or less for almost all their offerings, duration unknown.  
  • And finally, further solidfying their status as the technological pioneers of the local underground metal scene, here's an interview with RUSTY EYE by occasional City of Devils contributor Charlie Steffens.  RUSTY EYE plays the Whisky with WARBRINGER on March 18th.