Club My War O))) Debuts at the Dragonfly Tonight

Sometime last year we finally went to the Dragonfly and walked out thinking it was a pretty solid spot for a metal show.  A dive environment with above average and built-in sound, a good sized smoking area out back, a bar that extends the whole length of a wall, and some shady booths where just about anything and anyone could go down undetected.  Eddie Solis's Club My War O))) begins a run of free Sunday shows there tonight.  With Eddie, you never know how long it will last, but leading off with Dave Lombardo's PHILM is an auspicious beginning. It's free and the set times are relatively early:

Doors Open @ 630PM
Internal Corrosion @ 7pm
House OF Broken Promises @ 745pm
Of The Horizon @ 830pm
It's Casual @ 915pm