A Lesbian Four-Way

As Easter weekend draws near, I must make a confession.  Until we started to orgainize this show, I had never given LESBIAN a serious listen.  I'm not sure why.  Their first album, Power Hor, was released on Holy Mountain, and that's always an encouraging sign.  They're from Seattle, find inspiration in weed and women, and are described by various sources as having elements of psych, doom, black and progressive metal.  Their songs average 10+ minutes.  We're still good.  So what's the problem?  Maybe it's the name.  Let's face it - it's cliche to like Lesbian.  If you don't, you might be gay.  They could have just called themselves Cheesburger.  Damn, that's taken.  But after spending the last month taking in LESBIAN's upcoming release, tentatively titled Stratospheria Cubensis, I am ready to declare without shame that I love LESBIAN.  This band plays by absolutely no rules, shifting styles seamlessly, always looking forward and never going back, and completely eviscerating the notion of traditional song structure.  The quiet interludes when the music takes a turn towards jazz are unexpected high points.  Some critics thinks LESBIAN needs to remember to take its Ritalin everday, but these are the same people that would keep you away from the brown acid.  Just sit back and take the ride.  You'll probably wake up in the morning.  

Joining them on the Mountain Bar stage this Saturday will be one of our local favorites, BLACK MATH HORSEMAN, as they play their last show before embarking on a European tour that may lead to them playing a lot less of these free shows in the future.  Starting off the evening is VALDUR, a black metal trio from Mammoth that play (in the words of Metal Flows in My Veins) "fast, highly atmospheric black metal in the vein of mid-period Burzum." Next is the utter insanity of Providence's WHITE MICE and their notorious live show, costumes and all, that will bring into question the chemical makeup of that city's water supply with a sound few music journalists even attempt to describe, so we'll leave that task to bassist MOUSEeatTONGUE:

Diehearearrock is what we extend to call it. Grate music to Commit Sin to, others might attempt name us butt there is only one true name, of which can only be produced by the screaming flatulence of 666 demons breaking winds of 666 different tones and can only be heard by the whoreshippers of Cheesus Miced the lard and slaviour.

Well said.  We're told the DJs downstairs will definitely not be spinning metal, and the live music upstairs starts at 9.