The Show That Should Not Be

If you believe in curses, you might want to stay away from this one.  It was not too long ago that San Francisco black metallers LUDICRA were scheduled to play the Henry Fonda with the choice spot opening for MAYHEM.  But once again, MAYHEM had to cancel the tour for reasons that may not have been disclosed.  It really doesn't matter so let's just blame it on immigration laws.  What does matter is that we were deprived of a killer undercard.  And as any fight fan knows, undercards matter, and this one wanted to go on.  KRALLICE is on the road but keeping it East Coast.  Brooklyn's TOMBS will make the trek west to play the Troubadour with ISIS on June 5th.  And LUDICRA was supposed to circle the nation over the course of 31 consecutive days.  But as soon as they hit the road, guitarist John Cobbett got struck down by an untimely discovered case of abcessed appendicitis.  The band persevered on as he recovered in the den of the Wolves in the Throne Room, a quick reminder why the expansion of health care should be celebrated or at least understood (if you would like to donate, you can find instructions here, but merch is the gift that keeps on giving).  And now once again reunited, their Los Angeles stop of the De-Cancellation tour is just a few days away.  The only hitch is that it's my wife's birthday.  But if Mr. Cobbett can find a way to make this show, I surely can.  Isn't that what jewelry is for?  I'm at a loss for words to describe The Tenant, LUDICRA's latest release.  I'll let Adrien do that