Hunting Season Begins Tomorrow - Let's Kill!

Monday night we'll be at Les Deux.  Lohan fell down there a couple of nights ago and the betting line on the date of her expected death got a few days shorter.  If she had one adviser that gave a shit, they would wheelchair her through the paps and all those lights.  But the question we have is if we fall tomorrow, will anyone hear it?  It's doubtful.  Not because we're unimporant.  It just because on Rock Mondays, you know it's going to be pretty loud in da club, especially when you're being treated to an evening of old school metal.  This should be a fun one, led off by SPACE VACATION, a San Francisco band that I've been told will bring me back to the age of DEF LEPPARD's On Through The Night.  I'm already there.  Next up is GYPSYHAWK, a band that was introduced to many by our own Professor Bunkum.  When he pays attention to a band that was born in the last 20 years, take notice. And finally, to bring it all home, is the world debut of HUNTRESS.  Fronted by Tuesdae (of the CHELSEA GIRLS and and many other star-making endeavors) with the back line of PROFESSOR.  I'd tell you all about it but Invisible Oranges already did.  Here's an excerpt:    

So it’s weird that Miss Rockstar would join up with Underground Metal Band. If Underground Metal Band wants not to remain underground, then their calculation is easy: trade up from their current, probably scruffy, male singer to a blonde bombshell.

The calculation is less logical for Miss Rockstar, however. Shouldn’t she be seeking out The Matrix or Timbaland or whoever the hottest hitmaker is these days? In this Noisecreep interview, however, she listed her five favorite metal records. They’re by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, Suicidal Tendencies, and Black Sabbath.

We've only got a few things to add. 

  1. It's free if you show up before 11 pm with this flyer.
  2. Their first recording,  can be downloaded for free here (if it doesn't work, just paste this:
  3. PROFESSOR will be playing Saturday night at Spaceland, at a CITY OF DEVILS event, with SLOUGH FEG, BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, and GREEN & WOOD.  Up the Irons!!  We need you to show up.  Sure, you can wait to see the big show out in San Bernardino.  But you could also experience a take on Maiden that might mess with your a head just a little bit.  If you're up for that, we're running a ticket contest where everybody wins.  Three of the entrants will get free pairs.  The rest of you will get on a half-price ticket list.  Just $5 at the door.  The contest will close at 11:58 PM Thursday evening.  If you want to enter, email us at  
  4. Everything you assume about Tuesdae from the picture above (yeah, thats her) could be wrong.  We met her last night and we were charmed.  Not in a "I want to get naked with her kind" of a way.  It was much more genuine than that.