City of Devils Presents Slough Feg

For starters, know that "Slough" rhymes with cow.  Also know that on this Saturday, we will bring you an evening of NWOBHM-inspired American rock 'n roll at a Spaceland, a venue that is much more legitimate than we are.  For those of you new to metal acronyms, NWOBHM stands for "New Wave of British Heavy Metal", and it's about as new as me.  Think Diamond Head, Saxon and Motorhead.  Los Angeles has been accused of breaking that wave during the mid-80s, and those charges are not unfair.  But today in the city that may have caused its demise, the sound is making its revival.  First we found thrash again (or it found us), and now we are going further back in time to that genre's influences, a mixture of punk and classic metal that never achieved commerical success.  The headliner, SLOUGH FEG, has been grinding it out for 20 years after moving to San Francisco from nowhere Pennsylvania, and are joined by their brothers-in-arms, Chicago's BIBLE OF THE DEVIL, as the cross this half of the country on their "Parched in the Western World tour."   Both are real good at what they do.  You will recognize the influences - Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy, for sure - but I don't believe you will return home thinking these guys have not added their own flavor.  One used to be called the LOUD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG for a reason.  The first two words were cut after they became redundant.  "The usual introductory description of the 'Feg," as Aquarius Records puts it, "would include the following: eccentric, epic, riff-tastic '70s and '80s lovin' heavy metal with a twin guitar attack that owes a lot to Iron Maiden, specifically Maiden's early Di'Anno era circa Killers."

Opening the evening will be two local bands. GREEN & WOOD, who we met a few weeks ago, made us very proud Angelenos at SXSW, and will remind us all that every band we love owes it all to SABBATH.   Then PROFESSOR, coming off last evening's performance in HUNTRESS as the agnostic and lovelier bastard children of MERCYFUL FATE.  This will be a fun night.  You might want to think taxi. 

Here's the deal on tickets.  The free ones are all gone.  But the club made a deal with us, and we can give them a list that entitles everyone on it to $5 door tickets until the place sells out.  That's half-price and Fugazi-style.  There are three ways to sign up:

1) Become a confirmed guest of this event on Facebook;
2) Email; or
3) Sign up at Vacation Vinyl.

Your choice.

If you want advance tix, click on the flyer