They Come From The Land Down Under

On Friday night, two Australian bands bring their own forms of extreme metal to the City of Devils.  When you hear that PORTAL is from the land down under, you don't think Australia.  You think hell.  They play deathened black metal, a muffled dirge that sounds like it was recorded down under something, be it earth, water or bodies.  It's pure horror and absolutely disconcerting, bringing you to a place that you can barely tolerate to hear, and never want to visit.   It makes you wonder what nasty shit befell these boys from Brisbane along the way.   CAPTAIN CLEANOFF is another kind of beast, and no, it's not a deranged household supervillain.  The Captain is a grindcore band with short, superfast songs that groove faithfully to the origins of the genre, occassionally busting out a solo that would make Kerry King take notice.  And like most grindcare, the music makes you want to break shit up.  So if you're looking for a little physical contact, the Blvd is your home on Friday evening.  Support the mates and love thy neighbor a little bit.