Free Converge Tickets

CONVERGE is an inspiration.  The critics love them, their fans are some of the best in all of music, and they can headline the El Rey.  But if you played their shit for 99.9% of the population, those people would be way turned off, even repulsed.  The band recognizes that, and sees it as a virtue.  As lead singer Jacob Bannon told Alarm:

We're not an easy band to to get into.  We're a very abrasive band, very harsh band, a very polarizing band.  If somebody's used to contemporary metal records [and] they hear a band like us, it's just a big load of trashy noise.  If a punk kid hears our band now, he's used to big singing choruses, pop-punk, emotional rock, we're way too off-putting; we're vocally way too harsh.  That's not necessarily a bad thing. 

Indeed, it's not.  A CONVERGE show is a beautiful thing.  The energy expended by Mr. Bannon and company, along with at least the first 20 rows of the crowd, is a sight to behold.  It's a lovefest of sweat, spit and bruises.  If you have never been a witness to the chaos, treat yourself.  

Getting to the show early is highly recommended because the first 300 people through the door will receive a very limited edition mix tape compiled by the band.  All tapes are hand numbered and will only be available at this particular show.  You'll also be sure to catch BLACK BREATH, a recent revelation, as they make their first visit to Los Angeles in support of their debut full-length on Southern Lord, Heavy Breathing.  Produced by CONVERGE guitarist Kurt Ballou, with his uncanny raw guitar tones strewn all about, this record looks destined to find its way on quite a few "Best of" lists by year's end.  Another band willing to cross genre boundaries at will, but never leaving the riffs far behind.    

We've got three pairs for this one.  To play, contact us here or email us at with your full name and an album that's an your early Best of 2010 list.  This contest will close at 11:58 PM on Monday night. 

Click Flyer to Buy Tickets (Touche Amore will be playing in place of Lewd Acts)