Black Breath Pinch Hits For Fatso Jetson

We were so psyched that FATSO JETSON (along with LANTVRN and GREEN & WOOD) was supporting BLACK MATH HORSEMAN at Spaceland tonight.  It turns out that lineup was too good to be true.  This afternoon brought news that FATSO JETSON had to pull out of the show due to an emergency.  But fate was not completely aligned against us.  The CONVERGE show tonight has sold out and that gave us the opportunity to ask BLACK BREATH to head east after they complete their early set at the El Rey.  They thankfully accepted.  For those unfamiliar, here's what Adrian Begrand had to say about their debut LP on Southern Lord:

With Heavy Breathing‘s strong predilection towards groove, the one seminal album that keeps springing to mind the further it goes on is Entombed’s Wolverine Blues. It might be far less technical than what younger metal audiences are listening to, but the one big thing it has going for it is that like Entombed, this is extreme music that moves, exemplified perfectly by “Virus”, which goes from a rampaging punk tune to a wicked, Celtic Frost-tinged jam in the blink of an eye. Who needs technical chops when you can swing like these guys do? Entombed had it 15 years ago, and Black Breath does now. Southern Lord will be hard-pressed to put out a better album this year.  

Here's the final lineup for tonight, all still for the bargain price of $5:

9:00 Lantvrn
10:00 Green & Wood
11:00 Black Math Horseman
12:00 Black Breath