Thanks to all that came out last night.  Great performances by all the bands and the private party vibe for BLACK BREATH was the perfect way to cap off the evening.  Everyone let loose and I think we all forgot it was a Tuesday night.  Adam Murray should be posting pics that we'll share with you when available. 

We're taking a few days off to hang with our good friends BOW THAYER & PERFECT TRAINWRECK who are coming in to town from Vermont to play a few gigs and record some songs with Marc Ford, lead guitarist for Black Crowes on their best shit.  Bow & the boys don't play metal but they're sick musicians, and Bow is presently on a mission to take the electric banjo to undiscovered aural places.  I had the good fortune to see them at Levon Helm's house while standing next to the legend, his eyes wide open as he took it all in.  If you want to check them out, they play a free show at Three Clubs on Thursday and another at a tiki bar Saturday in Long Beach, opening for the metal-inspired death folk of LOS DUGGANS.  

We may find time to edit Professor Bunkum's obit for Ronnie James Dio, written after a long night of drinking aquavit.  Now you know someone who drinks that shit.  Needless to say, we need to focus the post a bit, although I'm somewhat tempted to give it to you raw.