The Decision is Excruciating, But Therein Lies The Answer

It's Monday and were already thinking about this weekend's rather intense music offerings.  The problem is that I will be away in Vegas experiencing a different kind of intensity.  A full-on Las Vegas bachelor party.  Now I know that's cliche.  But to that I say, exactly.  It's my first (and probably last) one ever and I saved my cherry for the right guy.  A lovable but somewhat depraved gentleman that chronicled his gambling habit in a book written about his time at Harvard Law School and early years as a lawyer.  It's safe to say he will never be elected to office.  And now he may finally be settling down, which could be good for all of us.  But before that happens, we may just write the plot for Hangover 3. 

Despite the heat, Vegas can be a cold city, and I'm sure during the moments while I'm thinking about how I got into another extended conversation with a hooker, I'll regret not being in the City of Devils.  On Saturday night (not unlike Friday), you have a choice between consistently heavy and occasionally ambient, and neither is a bad choice because heavy still permeates both.  Whatever you decide, we support you because we're presenting both shows.  That may seem wrong but if we had anything to say about it, we would have booked LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH and RED SPAROWES at the same venue.  That's the kind of contrast we're always looking for.  And to the purists' dismay, black metal and post-rock or whatever you want to call it make a nice fit, despite their differences.  Just listen to ALCEST.  The LSOD undercard is worthy of Vegas, with performances by two bands we have covered in the past:  HUNTRESS and MOAB.  RED SPAROWES will be making their first LA performance since the crowd spilled out on to the sidewalk to catch their retrospective show at Vacation Vinyl last year.  Saturday night will surely be heavy on the new album.     

The LSOD show is free (see flyer in the post below for all the details).  To see RED SPAROWES, you've got to pay.  That is, unless you win tix from us.  To enter, send an email to with your full name.  The winners will be selected ramdomly from all entries received by Wednesday at noon.  Good luck.     

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